Just two weeks until our next step


While the timer on the right of this page is counting down the days until my beloved wife Lisa and I arrive in our new home in southern Spain, there is an important milestone date coming up before that.

In just two weeks, on Monday 26th October, we actually move out of our Colwyn Bay home (although, technically, we will be tenants until the end of the month). Then, after a one night stay, we will be boarding a coach taking us to Southampton where we will board a ship for its maiden voyage across the Atlantic.

Lisa is a seasoned cruiser and this will be our fourth together but the earlier ones have all included stops along the way with shore excursions available. However, this time, once our ship sales from Southampton, the first time that we will be setting foot on land is after it docks in the USA. A week at sea should be a great adventure and we are so looking forward to it.

The ship is Anthem of the Seas, currently one of the largest cruise ships in the world, that belongs to the Royal Caribbean Cruise company. We will be going on board during the afternoon and she will be setting sail in the late afternoon/early evening.

On board, as multiple sclerosis causes my mobility to be extremely limited, the only way for me to get about will be by using my wheelchair. Because of needing extra room for the chair and my need for a level entry shower with a seat, we have booked an accessible cabin. From previous experience on other ships, this should be ideal for my needs.

On this trip, our stateroom (as cruise lines call passengers’ cabins) is an inside one; so we won’t have an outside view of any kind – or at least we wouldn’t on most ships. On Anthem, though, we will have a ‘virtual balcony’ which will let us see outside. In reality, it is a closed circuit television system giving live views from strategically placed cameras so that we will be seeing the view that corresponds with our position on board. So, if it all goes to plan, what we see should be exactly coordinated with the ship’s movements that we can feel. Very hi-tech and clever.

Of course, I can’t let this trip pass by without blogging. That is why we have prearranged unlimited internet access for the whole cruise. I don’t want to bore you all, so maybe not every day, but you can expect at least three if not four blogs direct from the ship.

On the night of Samhain, which you probably know as Hallowe’en, Lisa and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary and then, during our holiday in the USA, it will be my birthday. How old? Well, since you ask, 63 this year but age is only a number.

Oh well, back to giving Lisa what little help I can as she cleans our place prior to moving out in two weeks. 


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