Thanks to those who love their jobs

bride paramedic

An off-duty Tennessee paramedic has hit the headlines, been on television and been featured on social media. And all because, before leaving the church to go to the reception, she was alerted by phone to a car accident involving her father and grandparents who were making the same journey and were then about two miles away.

So, wearing her long white wedding dress, Sarah Ray and her new husband, also a paramedic, rushed to the scene ready to use their skills to assist anyone who was hurt.    

News Channel 5 in Nashville reported the incident had happened after another vehicle allegedly jumped a red light and ran into the back of the family’s car.

On reaching the scene, they found that her 72-year-old grandmother had suffered serious enough injuries to see her taken to hospital for treatment. Sarah said she had to reassure her grandmother that the crash had not ruined her day.

The bride’s mother, Marcy Martin, took a photograph of her daughter holding up her wedding dress as she walked away from the scene, with a police car and a fire engine in the background.  The picture has since received much attention, with well-wishers calling her a hero.

Mary said: “I love this photo because it shows her true character.”

Then the bride’s employers got into the act by posting the picture on Facebook with the following comment: “How dedicated are you to your job? Sarah Ray, Paramedic with Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services, was photographed on her wedding night working the wreck of one of her wedding guests. Now that’s dedication…she stopped to assist on the way from the wedding to the reception! Thank you, Sarah, for loving what you do!”

Loving your job leads to doing great things like this.

Another example took place in Bristol after the Kids Club charity stopped operating. People who worked at the Island drop-in centre and had lost their jobs overnight returned the next day as volunteers, such was their dedication to the youngsters. They put their love for the job and the children before their own needs.

Now, the Creative Youth Network has taken over the running of the centre with funding from Bristol City Council, and is employing nine of those who refused to walk out on the children while still more continue to volunteer.

I cannot claim to do anything as noble as Sarah the paramedic or the former Kids Company employees but I do know all about loving my job.

During a career that started in 1970, yes 45 years ago, I have worked as a journalist, a public relations professional andliking do even spent five years as a senior manager in a tourist attraction. In all those work environments there were the usual ups and down of everyday life but the only job that I really loved was the years spent as a journalist.

I love being creative and my experience in journalism is probably the main reason that, although I have a disability that prevents me from going out to work, I am able to write for my blog. These days, my time is my own, so on a good day, I might write a number of articles and then nothing for a few days. Employers don’t tend to like that.

Loving your job, or something else that you do, brings me to this picture that was on Facebook. The text on it is classic. It reads: ‘Doing what you like is freedom; Liking what you do is happiness’.

Let’s all be happy.

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