Teenager with cancer receives cruel hoax offer

Alexis 1

How very cruel-minded and warped must someone be to make a fake offer of a $40,000 anonymous donation to pay for a sick girl’s cancer treatment. Yes, you read that correctly, the offer was a fake.

Just imagine how the teenage girl and her family must have felt when they discovered the offer was, in reality, a hoax. Add to that an image of the hoaxer somewhere being gleeful with the pain caused. Let’s hope the police do something.

It is disgraceful, inhumane and inhuman behaviour. It is the callous act of a coward.

Last month, Alexis Gould, of Utah, was diagnosed with stage three neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects the nerves, and her school launched a fundraising effort to help pay for her treatment.

Then Alexis’s family were delighted to learn that an anonymous donor had stepped forward to offer the lump sum. They must have thought that their dream had come true or that their prayers had been answered. But they came down to earth with a massive bump after a few days when Alexis’s mother Emily discovered the money was not there and never had been.

With an amazing attitude of calm, and great fortitude, Emily said to the Press: “It was a little bit hard, but we never wanted it to detract from the genuine love and support that we received from so many.”Alexis 2_edited

So, instead of dwelling on the obvious disappointment or wallowing in self-pity, the family has galvanised itself for action by concentrating on the positives. Emily said: “What others might deem as little acts of kindness, or little acts of love, mean the world to us.

“While $40,000 is a lot of money, it meant no more to me than the people who are struggling, who are living paycheck to paycheck and who donated five dollars.”

A Go Fund Me account has now been set up in Alexis’ name, and in one month has raised $29,000. That’s a tremendous amount but more is needed. Can you help? It doesn’t matter how small it may be; it might seem a cliché but it is true that every little bit helps. You can help this teenager who has just started high school by donating at her appeal site: https://www.gofundme.com/rf46474s


Main picture: Huffington Post



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