How are we doing? Take a look


Just a brief update for those who are following the progress that Lisa and I are making as we settle into our new lifestyle in Spain.

My love has an extremely sore leg at the moment but has visited a pharmacy and obtained lots of cleansing swabs, antibiotic cream, dressings and bandages. It started in America and is very painful, especially if touched, but the swelling is at last starting to come down.

On Friday we took our hire car back but this time there was no need to go all the way to Alicante as we had pre-arranged to drop it off at the nearer airport of Almeria. There, we were met by a driver who took us all the way back home. The whole expedition went so well that we got home about 15 minutes before our planned time.

So we are now without a car temporarily. We have chosen one that we want to buy and paid a deposit but there are a couple of obstacles that we need to overcome before taking possession of it. These we are beginning to surmount on Monday morning with the help of a friendly English guy who has lived here 47 years and, of course, speaks the language.

On Monday morning we will go to the nearest reasonably sized town to see a gestoria (pronounced hestoria). In Spain, gestorías are private agencies which specialise in dealing with legal and administrative work. For a fee they look after the various administrative steps involved in getting passports, NIEs, work permits, car documentation and so on. They can also liaise with the Inland Revenue (Agencia Tributaria), so saving their clients much inconvenience and queueing time.

Then it is off to the town hall to obtain a padron for each of us. A padron means that we have been registered as residents within the council’s area. We also hope to open an account at a local bank.

Finally, if we have enough time to spare, we will drop into the town’s medical centre to register with a doctor. Then we should be all set for the next few months.

As far as our new home itself is concerned, the new air conditioning unit was installed today and the last few jobs that need finishing before we move in seem very small and should all be completed early next week. With a fair wind, we hope to move in on Wednesday or thereabouts.

Returning to the subject of driving for a moment, the price of petrol, locally gasolina, is a revelation here with prices at around one Euro per litre. That is equivalent to around 70p a litre, depending on exchange rates, compared with around £1.10 per litre in the UK.  In other words, petrol prices in Spain are only 64% of the UK’s.

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