In new home but much more to do

Bright colours, sun and mountains. The view from one of our living room windows today.

Bright colours, sun and mountains. The view from one of our living room windows today.

Yayy, we are in! Lisa and I today, finally, completed our move to our dream home in Spain. OK, we have been here since the 15th but today was the first day we could move in as the work overran by a few days.

Once again Lisa shouldered most of the work because of my MS but we welcomed the assistance of Eddy and Geoff who were only too willing to lend a hand. By the time my beloved had cleaned where we had been staying, we were really ‘in’ by about lunchtime.

Then came the part where we could work together easily – unpacking and putting everything away. There was too much for the two of us to do in just an afternoon and by 7pm, we decided enough was enough. By then, half of it was done and we plan to finish the unpacking tomorrow.

It is a lovely feeling sitting in our own place in Spain. It may be November but it was sunny on Tuesday with the same forecast for the next four days. You just cannot complain about the weather here.

A couple of guys from a local broadband company came this morning to connect us to the internet. We had a choice of four speeds, depending on how much we were prepared to pay each month. As Lisa and I both use the internet a lot, we opted for the fastest available – 10 Mbps, a bit faster than we had in Colwyn Bay. ‘A bit faster’, no. A whole lot faster than the 2Mbps common there.

We did hit a couple of snags. I thought I smelled gas. Its LPG, so the odour is distinct. It seems that the cooker we bought with the property had been installed incorrectly. Well, tomorrow, the gas man cometh; then we will know what needs to be done.

The other hiccup is our new backdoor, which was working just fine earlier in the day, now refuses to shut properly although it does still lock. Something else for tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “In new home but much more to do

  1. *big sigh* I wish I was there! We are supposed to have a huge storm starting at 5am tomorrow morning & lasting through Thanksgiving. Up to 8 inches predicted. They are preparing for a major storm stretching from here all the way down to nearly Las Vegas. We decided to postpone our holiday travel to Ely. Are you & Lisa going to celebrate Thanksgiving in Spain, or do they even have Thanksgiving there?


  2. I’m looking forward to visiting you both next year. Uncle could you do a piece on harvest festival, thanksgiving & what they may do in Spain.. x


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