A lot done but new priorities appear

Today is our first full day in our new home. Much to do today, including finishing the remainder of the unpacking and finding the right places to put everything away, trying to arrange a firm date and time to collect our car and making some cash transfers.

When I say ‘finishing the remainder of the unpacking’ that is not quite true, lol. That is because, during our shopping trip for essentials on Monday night, we managed to forget hangers. So that means that we cannot yet put away clothes that need to be hung up. Naturally, getting hangers is now another priority.

In the period of transition from North Wales to the south of Spain, something really does nees to be said about the other two members of our family, our cats Pooka and Prissy. They are aged 17 and 9 years, respectively, and must be two of the most laid back cats around.

Let’s take a look at what they’ve been through in recent weeks. October 26 arrived in usual cattery, November 13 reunited with us but not taken home but to a hotel, November 14 picked up by pet courier company and taken to Kent, November 15 taken by van through Channel Tunnel and driven through France where they stayed one night, November 16 driven into Spain and were reunited with us at 2am on November 17.

Of course, they then had to stay with us in our temporary accommodation for a week until we could move in yesterday. They must have been so confused. Now they are getting used to where they live before we allow them outside in two or three days’ time. Already they have been looking out of the windows at the sunshine they have not really seen since they left Florida in 2012.



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