New life, new home and new car

car house

Before I say anything else, Lisa and I would like to wish all Americans, especially members of our family, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Well our first full day in our new Spanish home promised to be a busy one and so it was.

The man came about the gas cooker and said that it had been installed incorrectly and that he could fit it properly next week, In the meantime he has done a short-term fix meaning that we can use the cooker. Looks like a fairly expensive fix, about 120€ or about £85. Still it is much better to get it sorted and be safe.

Two other major events happened on Wednesday. Firstly, money I had sent to Spain via Currencies Direct arrived in our new bank account here and we finally collected our car – a lovely dark maroon Chrysler Voyager. This is a seven seater, which might seem surplus to our requirements as there are only the two of us but the middle two seats, by the sliding side doors, can be removed. This means that, with the aid of a ramp, we can easily get my new power wheelchair in and out of the vehicle. Perfect.

To be honest, this was just the type of vehicle that I really wanted. Lisa and I had previously looked at many cars on the internet and this was right up there in my favourites. To find it so relatively close to us was just the icing on the cake.

Actually our trip to the bank and car dealer would not have been possible without the generous help of our neighbour two houses away. Knowing of my disability with MS, Jenny was happy to take us to both places and even stayed with us until we could drive away; she did not want us stranded there if anything went wrong.

Chatting away on the way there, we happened to mention that we needed to buy clothes hangers. This prompted her to say that she had just that morning put some aside for disposal and when we got back, having stopped to fill up with petrol, we found a pile of hangers by our door. We still need to buy some but nowhere near as many as we first thought.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that when I offered to pay for the petrol she had used, Jenny would not hear of it and sweetly refused to accept any such payment. I’ll pay that forward one day by doing someone else a good turn like that.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is another sunny day with a high of 68˚F/20˚C, with similar sunny times for the next four days at least. The good weather Is supposed to continue into the beginning of December; it will be interesting to see how it goes as the month develops.

As far as my health goes, the warmth already seems to be providing me with some benefit. I had a very good start this morning but paid for it in the late afternoon as MS played havoc with my balance. Still, I got through that and tomorrow, as the saying goes, is another day.

Actually, I cannot wait.

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