Getting there! Home is coming together

living room Spain

It’s all happening here as the dream home that Lisa and I set our hearts on is gradually coming together with new appliances and other goodies arriving by the day.

There are still some on the way and, when they have all arrived and been installed, we will be in position to take some pictures and post them here on this blog to give you all a taste of our life in Spain.

Talking of our life here, it is December 4 and today’s shade temperature is 20˚C/68˚F but out in the sunshine it is way hotter than that. Suntan, even sunburn, are both distinct possibilities.

But, enough of the weather. Last night we took delivery of our new cooker. It is a range style measuring 90cm wide with five hobs and a massive oven/grill, under which there is an equally wide plate warming compartment. It is not plumbed in yet as we are waiting for the gas installers and inspectors to give us a date they can come. We know it is unlikely to be in the next week as both Monday and Tuesday are bank holidays here.

Lisa loves to cook and especially adores baking but this is the very first time that she will have what she has named ‘a grown up’ oven. She can hardly contain her excitement.

Next on our list is an HD Smart television. We have been advised to get a 40” one but we feel that 32” is big enough. Also, we have decided to take our TV feed over our 10mgps broadband connection instead of from a satellite dish. It promises to give us much higher quality performance than we have previously been able to enjoy.

We have already seen the list of channels we can expect and, besides the Spanish stations, it includes all the main UK programmes, the satellite channels we used to watch in the UK, some that Sky decided we could not watch without paying extra – such as BT Sport and ESPN – and well as loads of movies, on demand and catch-up services.

So, instead of paying Sky £64.50 a month for its TV selection, an annual total of £774, we will soon be getting more channels but paying just 200€, which is equivalent to about £150 per year. Now, that is a bargain.

With the saving on television, we have managed to reorganise our TV/telephone/broadband spending so that, by spending the same amount of money, we now get:

  • Broadband at 10mgps instead of 2mbps
  • Satellite tv via broadband
  • Mobile phones (2 instead of 1) with unlimited calls and texts, plus 6 gig of data
  • Skype package with unlimited calls to USA and UK
  • 2 Skype numbers (1 in UK, 1 in USA) for people to make low cost calls to us.

Oh, almost forgot, in Spain no-one has to buy a tv licence, so that saves us another £150 (200€) a year.






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