A tail of two cats!

Pooka in the sun on her 'day bed', our bed.

Pooka in the sun on her ‘day bed’, our bed.  

Prissy comes indoors for added comfort.

Prissy comes indoors for added comfort.

Our two cats have settled as well into Spain as they did into the UK when they arrived from Florida, America’s ‘Sunshine State’ where both of them were born.

Having originally lived with Lisa and her family in the USA, they flew across the Atlantic with British Airways in 2012 to join Lisa and I in our first home in Wales. At that time, we were amazed that, after such a long journey, they simply had a good sniff around and then curled up contentedly on our bed.

Then, we moved to another apartment in the same town and they followed the same procedure.

Ok, this time their journey was shorter in miles but, because they travelled overland, it took longer than their previous expedition. In 2012, they left Lisa on Tuesday morning (afternoon, UK time) and arrived in North Wales on Thursday afternoon; total travel time about 48 hours. This time, we said goodbye on Saturday morning and welcomed them in Spain in the early hours of Tuesday morning; total travel time about 64 hours.

From North Wales they travelled by van to Kent, where they stayed on Saturday night. The next day they were driven, via the Channel Tunnel, deep into France, where they stayed Sunday night. On Monday, they crossed the Pyrenees into Spain, finally arriving at about 1.30am on Tuesday. At that time we were in temporary accommodation because work on our proper home was still not completed. It was another week before we moved in.

However, despite the upheaval that they both had to go through, once we were able to move into

our new home it was delightful to see that both Pooka, now an ‘old lady’ at the age of 17½, and Prissy, a comparative youngster at 9½, acted in exactly the same way.

Assured that we are both with them, they explored their new surroundings as they investigated each room before curling up to go to sleep. They felt comfortable in their new surroundings – and so they should as our new property is more than twice the size of our old place in Wales.

Two days later, we unlocked the cat flap and introduced Prissy to it. Having used one back in Florida, she took to it straight away. She loves her new found freedom that she did not have in the UK, she goes out and comes in whenever she wants to do so. She enjoys the sunshine outdoors but is happy to come indoors for the extra comfort of an armchair or bed.

Pooka has also been shown the cat flap but prefers to use a door on the rare occasion that she ventures outside. Lisa and I both agree, though, that Pooka will go out more once spring comes and we get some furniture for the decking. Once, we are outside, we are absolutely sure that Pooka will want to join us and will renew her acquaintance with the cat flap that is just lie the one she used to use in Florida.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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