Building up to Christmas – part one


It’s a bit of a strange way to build ourselves up for the Christmas season this year.

You see, after Lisa and I decided to move to Spain, and had been here and found the home of our dreams, then came the difficult part.

We bought a furnished property but without any kitchen items such as crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, microwave, toaster, kettle, teapot – the list goes on. We also knew that we needed a new washing machine and wanted to replace the working but old traditional cooker with a more modern range one.

So, it has been a busy time and something like a newly married couple goes through when setting up their home together for the very first time. I am sure that Lisa and I have gained just as much pleasure from doing this as any newlyweds. In fact, as this is the first home we have really set up together, the whole exercise has been more fun than a chore.

Then, as each box arrived with no indication of what it contained, it was just like opening wedding presents. Although we had ordered and paid for everything, discovering the contents as we opened each box was a surprise.

Actually, although I am using the past tense as most items have now arrived, there are still a handful that have yet to arrive – so the fun goes on, lol.

We ordered the washing machine from the local branch of Euronics and it was delivered and installed inside 24 hours. At first, though, it would not go into the spin cycle so an engineer came out and spent about 30 minutes here. We have no idea what was wrong but the important thing is that it has worked properly ever since.

Our new range cooker arrived a week later, again thanks to Euronics, but has still not been installed as we have been having a great deal of difficulty in finding gas fitters who can give a firm commitment to a particular day. At the moment, the job will go to the first one who can guarantee completing the installation before Christmas.

Our new television has arrived but as it was delivered in a fully branded box, we have left it unopened until Bob, the guy who runs the company that provides satellite and broadband television connections, arrives. Then we will know that it is installed properly. The model we ended up buying, for the technically minded among you, is a Philips HD Smart 200Hz LED with a 32” screen.

We looked at various options but felt we do not really need a 40” screen as we don’t want to feel overpowered by it. The Smart TV option was not that much more expensive, although I am not really sure what we are going to do with it.

As far as high definition is concerned, I did have that in the UK for a time but stopped paying for the HD channels on Sky as I could not really see any significant improvement. Now, all TVs seem to be HD and we have been assured that we will see a difference this time. I hope so. One good thing about our new system is that we don’t have to pay more for HD channels; they all come as part of the basic package.

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