Sometimes it pays to be a problem solver

cat tree cat tree sofa

Today Lisa has been putting her construction and puzzle solving skills to good use. She has successfully built what is described as a cat tree. This is a combination of a massive cat entertainment centre and scratching post.

cat tree hammockWe wanted something for the two cats to scratch and also keep them amused and this cat tree certainly seems to fit the bill.

Within an extremely short while of Lisa finishing her assembly work, Priscilla (who we call Prissy) roused herself from sleeping on the sofa and ambled over to take a closer look. In fact, she settled down into the tree’s hammock and promptly curled up in it.

cat tree topTwo days ago, we were treated to another feline success. We have a cat flap to allow our two girls to come and go as they please, something that Prissy got used to doing very quickly. Pooka, on the other hand was more reluctant to try it but perhaps That is not so surprising, given her age. She is, in fact, 17½ years old. We kept showing her the cat flap, from both inside and out but to no avail.

Then, on Sunday evening, we saw she was outside and neither of us had opened a door. That first time, Pooka sat by the door to be let back in but Lisa went outside to encourage her to come back in trough the flap. Since then, there has been no holding her.

Both our babies are going out and coming back in whenever they want to; they have total freedom to enjoy the Spanish weather however they please. Whether we are at home or not makes absolutely no difference.

The girls were both born in Florida, so they are used to the sunshine we get here. Pooka got so fed up with the cold and rain in Wales that she gave up going outside. She stayed resolutely in our a apartment. Even when we did get the occasional sunny day, she refused  to go outside as it was too cold for her. Here, though, she does not have that problem as even December daytime temperatures are higher than the average summer ones in Colwyn Bay.

Aside from our cats, deliveries continue to arrive daily, sometimes more than one a day via different courier companies. The absolute best was just the other day when I responded to the doorbell to find two delivery vans outside. They were virtually nose to nose having arrived from different directions but at the same time.

Each delivery that we receive means that we are ever closer to getting our home just as we want it. It really should not be long now although some items are not due to arrive until the New Year.

For now, though, our thoughts are turning towards the festive season and all the Yuletide brings. Our first such celebration in our new home in southern Spain is one which we are both anticipating with much fun and one that we really intend to enjoy.


Pics: Top – The cat tree that Lisa spent so long putting together. Our two cats show how interested they were.

Middle: Prissy settles into the cat tree hammock.

Bottom: Up on top, Prissy decides it’s time for a wash.


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