Building up to Christmas – part three: It’s really close now

christmas living room

Two days until Christmas Day and we are still receiving deliveries of the various household items that Lisa and I need in our new home. In an ideal world, they would have all arrived by now but there are still a number of things outstanding.

Just two days ago we had a bumper delivery of 11 separate parcels and packages from a variety of suppliers, that all arrived together in the same van. We had quite a time opening all those, discovering what was inside and putting them to good use.

The spare beds are resplendent with their new duvets, duvet covers and pillowcases, for example, while we can now sit on our terrace and enjoy the sun on our new outdoor furniture. Yes, I know it is almost Christmas but sitting outdoors here, even in late December, is quite comfortable. Having said that, daytime temperatures now have the Spanish and other long-term residents reaching for warmer clothes, while those here on holiday/vacation as well as residents who are newly arrived, like us, are happy wearing summer clothing.

Anyway, it seems I have digressed so time to get back to the main thrust of this post. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the major day of celebration here in Spain with families enjoying their main festive meal at home during the evening.

On Christmas Day itself, many families choose to go out to eat and, this year, Lisa and I will be doing just that. Acting on advice from neighbours, we have left nothing to chance and made a reservation at the new El Faro restaurant in Villaricos. It is closed on Christmas Eve for the family’s own festive celebration but is open on the Christmas Day itself.

One of the reasons we have decided to eat out is that we are still waiting for our new cooker to be installed – and that will not now be until the New Year. We do have an old working stove, so there is no need to worry – we are not without cooking facilities. Another reason to eat out on Christmas Day is to give Lisa a day off. She tells me that she deserves it!

Right now, our pre-Christmas time seems to be mainly divided between heading into one or another of our nearby towns, shopping and relaxing at home – often watching one of the many seasonal films available on our broadband television set up.

Finally, Lisa and I would like to wish all our family and friends in the USA, UK or wherever they may be, as well as my blog readers and social media followers, the very Merriest of Christmases – or, as they say here in Spain:

Feliz Navidad


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