Grateful to have left stormy weather behind

december flood  december sun
Contrasting Decembers: Floodwater in North Wales; Oranges growing in the sun in southern Spain.

I feel really sorry for friends, family and others we left behind when Lisa and I moved to Spain. No, I am not being smug about the weather here; I feel genuine sorrow for the atrocious weather they seem to be constantly enduring in the UK.

Of course, any severe weather affecting anyone, anywhere, is a cause for concern but my immediate thoughts are with those in the UK, where we lived until two months ago, followed by those experiencing their own stormy conditions in Lisa’s homeland, the USA.

One of the major reasons that we chose to move to Spain was the promise of warmer, drier and more settled weather. The four British ‘summers’ from 2012 to 2015 were not good experiences for either of us with the first and last being the worst. Additionally, the weather exacerbated my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and my health did take a downward turn.

In this blog, on August 8, I wrote: “We were getting fed up with the weather and we both wished for more sunshine. Also, we had noticed that my MS symptoms seemed to get worse as temperatures changed; more consistent weather was called for.” Since then, I have written about the great weather here in Spain and how we have enjoyed sitting outside wearing short-sleeves in the December sunshine.

What I have not said before is that the more settled weather here seems to be having a beneficial effect on my health in that my MS symptoms seem to have stopped deteriorating and, in some ways, are showing hopeful signs. Now, this may just be the natural ‘good days, bad days’ associated with the illness but it may also be the change of environment and a slight increase in my absorption of natural vitamin D from the sunlight.

As yet, it is too early to tell but one thing that we do know is that we are both generally happier and healthier in the sunshine instead of the almost constant cloudy skies, never-ending wetness and too often high winds we were forced to accept in North Wales. Our former neighbour in Colwyn Bay, in fact she and her husband live in the flat above the one where we used to live, told us only last week that they have had “nothing but rain and gales” since we left.

Lisa and I used to attend weekly coffee mornings in the UK where we were the youngest couple. On the rare warm days, we would dress for the weather and enjoy it but a popular expression among older members was that the ‘hot’ weather was “too much”. The so-called hot weather, to them, was anything over 70˚F/21˚C. I even saw one national newspaper headline saying Britain was ‘sizzling at 70˚F’. Ridiculous!

Leaving the murkiness of the UK behind means that we are certainly in no danger of suffering from Seasonal Affected Disorder here! As I type this on December 29, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. We did have some rain during the early hours but any evidence of that has gone now.


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