Blog review 2015 and New Year’s resolutions


This, my 50shadesofsun blog, went live on August 1 last year and so December 31 marked the end of its first five months. When starting it, I had absolutely no idea of what to expect, how many views it would achieve and how many visitors it would attract.

I was not sure how many posts should be written nor in how many countries my blog would find its readers. All I really had was my history of working almost all my life as a writer, mainly in journalism and public relations, and a great big dose of enthusiasm.

Choosing a blog hosting site, setting up the blog the way I wanted it to look and even coming up with an original and catchy name were all tasks that had to be accomplished before the blog could go live. It took a few weeks to research and accomplish all of it – and that alongside the preparations that Lisa and I were making for our move to Spain.

So, how has it all gone? I am more than happy with progress so far but my target is to grow the blog as it goes along and hope to be talking about greater numbers in 12 months’ time.

In its first five months, my blog has attracted 3,246 views from 1,747 visitors, and that’s an average of 649.2 views from 349.4 visitors per month. One more established long-time and award-winning blogger has a monthly average three times the size of mine but then 50shades is still a baby in comparison to hers.

I have written 149 posts in 153 days, so my output is quite prolific but then writing has been my life at work and now continues through this blog which, hopefully, informs, amuses, educates and even inspires its readers.

Time for your New Year’s resolutions?

Today, New Year’s Day, is your first chance to succeed, or fail, to keep any resolutions you may have made. Traditionally it is a time to choose to try to better ourselves by giving up smoking, stopping drinking or one of many other such worthy targets. You may be even aiming to carry out one random act of kindness every week or every month; an act that will benefit someone else.

Now, my list of resolutions is blank. Yes, you read that correctly, I don’t have any. Never had, never will. That’s not because I am perfect, far from it, but because my targets are set at various times and they don’t get stored up until New Year’s Day.

So, if you have made resolutions, all the best with your efforts but I’m happy to continue as before.




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