Really fresh juice from locally grown fruit

orange trees2_edited

Just have to say that we enjoyed a great addition to our breakfast this morning. Peter, one of our neighbours, rang the doorbell yesterday and handed Lisa a carrier bag absolutely bulging with oranges and grapefruits that he had picked from trees nearby.

Having thanked him, we wondered how we could possibly eat them all before they spoiled, especially considering the fact that grapefruit still languishes on my ‘I don’t like’ list of foods. So, thinking it over, I suggested that Lisa make her own freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juices.

She liked the idea and, this morning, she tried making orange juice for the first time. We don’t have a juicer so, instead, she used our blender – with impressive results. To be honest, we weren’t too sure how it would turn out but we needn’t have worried. It was excellent. We didn’t bother sieving it to remove the odd bits after all, back in the UK we used to buy fresh juice ‘with bits’ from Tesco.

Next time, we will try grapefruit juice. Although I don’t like the fruit itself, I know the juice is a pleasant drink and will have no problems with that.

Sitting here on Saturday with the sun streaming in through the windows, it seems quite a lot warmer than the 14C being recorded at our local weather station but, of course, that is the shade temperature – just as they always give in forecasts. It is always warmer in the sunshine itself.

Talking of weather, I see that, so far at least, those forecasting the UK weather seem to have covered themselves in confusion once again. Over the last few days there have been awful predictions of heavy snow and ‘an arctic blast’ of freezing air set to bring temperature as low as -15C. Granted that this was going to be worse in parts of rural Scotland but even there it has not got that cold. At the moment, the worst I can find is -3C but it will, no doubt drop tonight as it does every night.

Artic winds? It seems that the forecasters got in wrong again but there’s always tomorrow for them to redeem themselves.

Here in southern Spain, we are experiencing our own winter with tonight’s low forecast to drop to just 2C, which will be the coldest that we have known it in the two months we have lived here. Such is life!


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