Have MS? Don’t give up, join a support group

MS Synergy poster

Support groups have a very important part to play and none more so than MS Synergy that operates in North Wales, UK.

Groups like MS Synergy enable people with multiple sclerosis to meet others in a similar position – while carers, family members and friends can get together with their counterparts as well as MS professionals and anyone with an interest in the illness.

It gives everyone the opportunity to meet, swap experiences and socialise regularly.

Synergy is an independent support group, not part of any other MS body, and operates as a small charity under UK charity law. It raises funds to meet its own expenditure and it is run by volunteer officers who do not receive any form of payment for their work.

I have been honoured to be the group’s secretary for the first two years of its existence as an independent charity and now, even though Lisa and I have moved to Spain, we remain committed to helping out from afar.

The publicity poster reproduced above was written and designed by me. It’s message is a simple one: Just because we have MS, there is no need to give up on life. We are people who have a disability, we are living with that disability and, most importantly, we are people – just like everyone else. People everywhere, with MS or not, can all have fun and dignity.

There are many support groups around the world, not just in the UK. If you think one might help you, then look for one near you. And, if you live anywhere in North Wales, just contact MS Synergy. Just email secretary@mssynergy.org.uk or telephone UK number 01444 390392.

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