New clinic in Mexico to open to treat chronic diseases – but including a very different stem cell treatment

Dr Jose Romo

Dr Jose Romo

There is a second clinic being set up in Mexico that claims it is going to be offering various treatments, including stem cell therapy, at a fraction of the price of Clinic Ruiz.

It is important to realise, though, that the new clinic’s stem cell treatment is not HSCT.

Treatment at the new clinic will be led by Dr Jose Romo who has many years of experience as a physician and has, since his start in conventional medicine, made much progress in the field of holistic medicine specialising in the treatment of many chronic illnesses. Independent research shows that Dr Romo is, in fact, highly qualified and experienced in many areas of medicine.

Starting on March 24, he will be offering a 21-day programme which will include intravenous GcMAF, ozone therapy, stem cell treatment, Papini magnetic therapy among many other methods of treatment.

It shoud be noted that GcMAF, although widely used in the holistic field is controversial in that it does not have the approval of the USA´s FDA and has led to raids by the FDA as well as by UK health authorities.

Placements are limited and the clinic cannot guarantee places to everyone at the moment, however, as the facilities grow, it claims more placements will be able to be offered in the very near future. As every case is unique, all cases will be reviewed following a detailed questionnaire to determine eligibility for the programme that includes treatment and therapeutic measures, but also training and education.

Amanda Mary, holistic health adviser and cancer researcher at the new clinic, La Flor De La Salud (The Flower of Health), says: “Please send me an email if you would like further details. I will be handling all administrative matters as well as questionnaire submissions, so contacting me directly would not only expedite the process, but also ensure your consideration for the program. email Destination Puebla, Mexico.”

The clinic’s website is

For Multiple sclerosis patients, La Flor De La Salud uses cbd oil from the cannabis plant, ozone, B12 intravenous, GcMaf, clean diet and Papimi. A 40% reduction in symptoms is the target. Stem cell treatment is available using donated cells and no chemotherapy drugs. Amanda Mary says: “Chemotherapy is mustard gas, it does not show enough good results with MS.”

Interesting, but I don’t think veterans of HCST would agree.

Requirements for acceptance do not include a history of having taken DMDs but you must not have undergone chemotherapy or radiation within three months and you must have some level of mobility.

The programme is scheduled to begin on March 24 2016. It includes a minimum 14-day stay, up to 21 days, at the facility at a price of €2700 (EUROS), $3000.00 (USD), £2100.00 (GBP). Accompanying guests only pay 40% of the programme fee to cover meals and accommodation. After eligibility requirements are met, 50% payment is required to secure your place.

Price Includes: A healthy meal plan for the duration of the programme; Daily consultations with Dr. Romo or holistic medical adviser, Amanda Mary; Accommodation in a private suite next door to the clinic; Supervising protocols, nursing staff and 24-hour care; and a full training course during your stay as well as full access to the upcoming Online Video Course at healingoracle.

Products for protocols will be billed accordingly and separately from above fee. Once your questionnaire is completed, the clinic will advise on protocols that will be offered and send prices of the products. Although there are charges for the products, administration of those products is included in the price of the programme.


3 thoughts on “New clinic in Mexico to open to treat chronic diseases – but including a very different stem cell treatment

    • The worry is that some may think that the new clinic is offering similar treatment – which it isn’t, which is why I have drawn attention to that.


      • I agree this new clinic is a scam and they are only wanting to take your money not help you ! I had legitimate HSCT at Clinica Ruiz in Puebla Mexico last November and it was the best thing I’ve ever done … Money well spent !


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