Referendum blues …


Remain: David Cameron versus Leave: Iain Duncan Smith

Remain: David Cameron versus Leave: Iain Duncan Smith

Prime Minister David Cameron has been warned to stop making blue-on-blue attacks on Conservatives who want the UK to leave the European Union, or face the possibility of a leadership challenge. Well, if the Leave campaign wins the referendum on June 24, his position will be untenable anyway – after all, he was the one who promised the referendum in the first place.

  • With Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, being so hated by disabled benefits claimants, is it wise for him to so publicly back either side? It seems to me that his open support for the Leave vote could prompt a massive Remain vote from those opposed to his welfare cuts. After all, they might be worried about how much worse things could get outside Europe.
  • A miscalculation? The Conservatives have announced plans to give British citizens ‘votes for life’, wherever in the world they choose to live; instead of just for the 15 years allowed now. There are millions of British Expats living in Europe, many without a vote under the current rules, who would almost all vote to Remain. Why then, did Cameron not make sure they got their ‘votes for life’ before the referendum? He lost a lot of votes by not doing so.

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One thought on “Referendum blues …

  1. My be if we get independence, osterity cuts could be reduce & payments to disable people increased & the nation dept reduced with the money that will no longer be paid to Europe…


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