Volunteer rescuers’ sad job to recover lifeless body

Tryfan in Snowdonia.

Tryfan in Snowdonia.

My heart goes out to not only the husband and family of the woman who fell 150 feet to her death on Snowdonia’s Tryfan mountain on Friday but also to the volunteer mountain rescuers who searched for her and eventually found her body.

Obviously the loss felt by a husband or immediate family member cannot be compared but to be a member of a mountain rescue team dedicated to saving life and, instead, having to find and recover a walker’s lifeless body is stressful too.

Remember, all mountain rescue teams in the UK are made-up purely of volunteers who often risk their own lives to save others.

On this occasion, more than 20 rescuers were drawn from three local teams: Ogwen Valley, Llanberis and Aberglaslyn.

The woman, from Stockport in Greater Manchester, and her husband were both well-equipped according to rescuers. They were descending Tryfan’s North Ridge/West Face late in the day when she fell. Her husband was unable to reach her and called for help.

A nine-hour operation, involving the three rescue teams and a Coastguard Helicopter, led to her body being found early Saturday morning.

The summit of Tryfan is 917.5m (3,010 ft) above sea level. It is the 15th highest mountain in Wales. 


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