Scanned again – but not for MS

CT scan, library picture (not me).

CT scan, library picture (not me).

Back to hospital today for a second CT scan as part of the follow-up to my life-saving visit to the same Spanish health service hospital six weeks ago – which is when I made my first trip to the same machine.

Regular readers will no doubt remember that I was urinating blood and the cause was traced back to blood-thinning medication that was prescribed for a heart condition.

Since then I have seen, at the same hospital in Huercal-Overa, a haematologist to sort out my blood thinning meds and a urologist who requested today’s scan to see how my waterworks are, generally, and to make sure that there is nothing else untoward going on.

My appointment was arranged for 4pm, with instructions not to eat or drink anything for five hours but just after 9.30 this morning, the hospital phoned bringing my scan forward one hour, so nothing to eat or drink after 10am. Great!

Fast forward to 2.45pm, Lisa and I arrive at the hospital where I am seen almost on time. Incredible.

The CT scan with contrast, which meant that I was given a dye intravenously to give a clearer image. was completed so quickly that the two of us were soon sitting in a nearby tapas bar enjoying a late afternoon meal and coffee for an incredible 10.30€ for the both of us. Great food, ridiculously low prices.

Just as we finished, the phone rang. The hospital wanted me to go back.

That didn’t sound good but when we got back it turned out that they needed to scan another area to get the complete picture that the urologist had requested.

This time, though, contrast was not required and the fact that I’d eaten less than hour earlier seemed not to matter. Strange, when there was a five-hour ban in place for the earlier scan.

Still now I have to wait for another visit to the urologist to get the full story.



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