LONG live our noble Queen … LONG to reign over us

queen + 3_editedHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with three kings-in-waiting: son Prince Charles, grandson Prince William and great grandson Prince George.

Queen Elizabeth II, monarch of the UK and numerous other commonwealth countries, has certainly broken a couple of records during her reign

Today, April 21, Her Majesty celebrates her 90th birthday – the first reigning British monarch ever to do so.

Last year, her time on the throne exceeded that of her Great Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria. Yes, in September, Queen Elizabeth became Britain’s longest serving monarch, having succeeded her father King George VI when he died in February 1952.

Now her reign has reached 64 years 2 months during which the world has seen seven Popes, seven Archbishops of Canterbury, 12 British Prime Ministers and 12 Presidents of the United States of America.

Happy birthday, Ma’am1.



1 Protocol note: When addressing the Queen, you first say “Your Majesty” then, subsequently, “Ma’am”. However, the correct pronunciation to be followed is that “Ma’am” should be said “Mam”, as in ham NOT farm.




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