‘All clear’ is such a relief


Those of you who have been reading this blog for some months now may remember that in February I had to be rushed to hospital.

It was nothing to do with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or even my heart condition. It was because I had a serious internal bleed into my bladder. It was so bad that I did not so mch have blood in my urine; I had just a little urine in a heck of a lot of blood.

The staff at our local hospital, the Hospital La Inmaculada in Huèrcal-Overa, were brilliant, and had conducted all the tests and got the problem under control in just six hours. They kept me in for two nights to carry out further tests and to keep me under observation.

In the last few weeks, I have had another CT scan plus comprehensive blood and urine analysis before my pre-planned follow-up appointment with a urologist. And that appointment was last Tuesday.

• To my absolute pleasure and relief, and Lisa’s too, everything was ok; blood was normal, urine was fine and the scan showed no tumour nor any other abnormalities. And they plan to repeat the whole process every four months.

The all-clear results only go to confirm that the hospital’s original diagnosis was correct; the bleed was caused by the blood thinning medications prescribed for my heart condition.

Next stop for me will be my first appointment to see a cardiologist in Spain. He or she will, no doubt, order a series of tests to determine the current state of my heart and, if need be, will change the medicines I take. We’ll see what happens.


• I would like to thank all of you as this, my Health & Disability blog, continues to go from strength to strength with views this year topping 84,000 so far.

In February they were 11,602; March 19,373; April 24,281; and May up until yesterday (29th) 24,971.

My blog brought me to the attention of the Editor-in-Chief of Multiple Sclerosis News Today for which I start writing a regular column this week. My first, introductory column is due to be published today (Monday) with my first proper column following two days later (Wednesday).


One thought on “‘All clear’ is such a relief

  1. Happy for you. Just a thought as you’re going to Spain – have you heard of the Coimbra protocol for treating MS. Has great success. The treatment is with high doses of Vit D. I have started the protocol 3 months ago so it is too early to make any comment. I do Skype consults with Dr Calvo who is in Spain. He is wonderful. Good luck anyway!


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