‘New for old’ eats up the time

Yesterday was quite a day for me and meant that I did not have enough time to write a blog of the length that 50shadesofsun.com usually publishes.

The cause was the arrival of a brand new laptop computer because my last one had a damaged screen.

In fact, this was the second new laptop to arrive this week. The first one was delivered on Monday but, try as we might, neither my beloved wife Lisa nor I could get the screen to work, A call to the manufacturer’s customer services was less that satisfactory as they were more concerned with getting me to buy something than fix the problem.

We´d got the computer from Amazon in Spain, where we have lived since last November. So, I contacted the customer services via an online chat and, wow, what a difference. Katherin was brilliant. She proved to be the very epitome of customer relations; she listened, apologised, and took immediate action,

She gave me three options.Ok, one was to call the manufacturer but I had already tried that. The other two were to be sent an identical replacement or to receive a full refund. I opted for the replacement and it arrived yesterday.

Then the fun really started. We live in Spain and naturally bought the computer here. So, everything was in Spanish. But my language skills are less than perfect. No, they are basic, extremely basic.

That being the case, it took much longer than usual to get the computer set up.

Now, with Lisa´s guidance, I am almost through the set up stages and have produced this blog on the new computer. More than two hours late but better late than never.

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


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