Tackling my own mobility issues

Do you have mobility problems? I certainly do, having multiple sclerosis and, in the last 10 years, have gone from walking reasonably well, using a stick, to today when I am still walking but only 15 or 20 yards before I have to sit down.

Just getting from my house to the car necessitates a stop halfway, to sit down. Then after a couple of minutes I can complete the journey to our car.

06-in-hatchThe car is a MPV which carries my electric wheelchair. It´s very good but it is heavy and requires the use of a ramp to unload the chair from the car and put it back in. It is not a vehicle that is especially adapted, my wife has to manhandle a four-fold portable ramp which is not an easy job.

The other problem is that if we go out in someone else’s car, we cannot take the powered wheelchair so we put a manual chair in the boot meaning that when we get to our destination I have to rely on someone else to push me around.

So, now I have placed an order for a lightweight folding powered wheelchair. It unfolds and unfolds in seconds. The battery pulls out very simply and the chair, when folded, can be easily lifted into the boot of a car. Just look at one in the back of the small hatchback, pictured above.

Soon, when it arrives, life will become simplicity itself. No more using a ramp, the chair will unfold and fold in a matter of seconds and it won’t tire us out.

Wherever we go, by ourselves or with friends, independence will be mine.

The chair I have ordered, except mine is silver.

The chair I have ordered, except mine is silver.


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One thought on “Tackling my own mobility issues

  1. That is so good, I don’t quite need one yet but that’s what I’ll be looking for when (hopefully ‘if’?) the time comes. I know how it is, relying on others, and how that feels – so to have something like this to make it easier for you and your friends/loved ones is marvellous. Enjoy 🙂


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