One year on: MS, health and disability website is thriving

health & disabilityWhat has become a very popular and well respected health and disability website, with multiple sclerosis as a specialty, is one-year-old today – and what a year it has been.

Obviously, year one has always got to be quite difficult, especially during the first few months, as there is a fairly steep learning curve to be climbed. And that has certainly turned out to be true.

Looking back, the year can be divided into two parts: the five months of 2015 and the seven months of 2016. The first five months, from August 1 to December 31, 50shades attracted a modest but encouraging 3,227 views, so generating a monthly average of just more than 625. But with the New Year came a sudden upturn in those key figures.

January 2016 attracted 3,183 views – unbelievable almost as many as the previous five months combined. This was a significant reaction to a marketing strategy I had begun to work on, involving social media. It was, I decided, to put this into a higher gear and this led to that January figure turning into a staggering 11,595 views in February.

50shadesofsun had exceeded the ‘holy grail’ dream of 10,000 a month in just its seventh month.

By analyzing what type of posts gained the most views, it was easy to see that the most popular were ones related to disability in general, including mobility aids and government benefits, and multiple sclerosis in particular.

I decided to concentrate on these areas and finally converted 50shadesofsun into a Health & Disability niche website.

In the five months since then, it has received 102,047 views, averaging over 20,000 a month.

Most views in one day was a magnificent 6,384 on April 7; while the most read post, which was posted that day, achieved a total of 9,749 views over a number of days.

Now, today starts year two and I look forward to seeing where that takes us.



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