Website committed to helping those needing benefits

The 50shadesofsun website is dedicated to the provision of news, information and, quite often, my opinions about a wide variety of topics associated with multiple sclerosis, health and disability.

MS is highlighted there because it is a disease that I live with every day. I also have epilepsy and a heart condition but it is MS that I find the most debilitating – although others may have different experiences.

What this website does not do is to endorse products and services provided by others UNLESS I have personal experience that it is worthy of me expressing my opinion about it ina positive way.

Let me explain, four years after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I applied for the UK benefit called Disabled Living Allowance (DLA). This is a benefit to help people with disabilities meet higher costs, such as care and mobility; it is not means-tested and can be claimed even if you still work.

The application form, huh more like a book, arrived and I duly completed it, obtained a supporting letter from my doctor, and sent it in the mail.

Naturally, nothing happens straight away but some weeks later the usual brown envelope arrived. Nothing awarded to care and nothing for mobility. Turned down flat. I just ignored it and got on with life without appealing the decision.

benefits and workSome months later, however, I found what turned out to be the most amazing website. It specializes in helping those of us in the UK who need help. It assists us to get the help we really deserve through great guides and advice.

I joined as a claimant member and obtained its unbelievably comprehensive guide on completing the DLA application form. Following every piece of advice, the form was soon completed and in the mail- Another wait of a few weeks followed before, once again the grown envelope arrived saying I had been awarded both care and mobility elements at the highest rates.

Yes, from claim refused to being granted in full in just a few months.

Since then, this campaigning website has achieved so much more for so many people that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending

Try it, it could help change your life.


Disclaimer: I have NO connection with Benefits and Work, except as a more than satisfied ‘customer’. This recommendation has not been sought or requested and is given without payment of any kind.







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