Handling sleep and rest with MS

Sleep, rest, tiredness, and fatigue. How many times have we heard those talked about in the same breath as multiple sclerosis? So often that they are getting somewhat repetitive and tiring, or should that be tiresome? If I dare say that!

Rest is very important, getting at least eight hours’ sleep at night is just what the doctor orders, a good night’s sleep will help to fend off fatigue. You must have heard all that before. And, before you think I am going to dismiss that, I’m not.

sleepHowever, for me, the idea of going to bed at what most would call a sensible time is out of the question on most nights. I am a night owl, not an early bird. Lisa and I usually go to bed at about 3am. It suits me because unless my body says otherwise, as it does sometimes, this is when it is ready to switch to sleep mode. Going to bed any earlier usually results in a lot of tossing and turning and very little sleep.

Not that turning in so late 1eads to ‘burning the candle at both ends’, because it doesn’t. I tend to wake up about seven hours later and so make my start to the day at about 10.30, now that is a civilized time.

Ten years without going out to work has helped the adoption of such ‘time-shifted’ hours and, now that I am writing for Multiple Sclerosis News Today, it works really well. As the company is based in Texas, when it is 5pm there, my local time is already Midnight.

What’s more, I need to be able to talk to people around the world, so a more flexible timetable is very useful.

Do I get tired earlier than 3am? Yes, naturally, sometimes I do. Then I go to bed earlier. And if a daytime nap is needed, my armchair also happens to be a very comfortable recliner.

Of course, like many people with MS, I am not excused from fatigue. It really can hit hard sometimes, like a train, and has kept me off my feet for much longer than simple tiredness. Actually, one thing that Lisa has just pointed out is that, since moving to the better weather we enjoy in Spain, the dreaded fatigue has only made a very rare appearance. But whether or not that is any way connected to the increase in sunshine and, consequently, vitamin D, I have absolutely no idea.


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3 thoughts on “Handling sleep and rest with MS

  1. I always feel better in a warmer climate! I live in England so we don’t get much sunny weather… When I go abroad to warmer places I’m a lot more mobile… Starting to think I need to emigrate


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