Welcome or Not, FDA Focuses on Stem Cell Treatments


4 thoughts on “Welcome or Not, FDA Focuses on Stem Cell Treatments

  1. This is exciting. Just keep it moving, please?!!!
    I don’t understand why so many other diseases are receiving so much attention and MS is not? It’s time!
    It’s ” our” turn!


  2. Why , must I be sometimes bed bound and retired at 29?????

    Wake up doctors etc whom are getting paid by prescribing these poisonous medications that don’t truly stop our ms .


  3. I have been studying stem cell treatments for some time and had been about to start fundraising to go to a clinic in Russia for treatment with stem cells, this clinic claimed to have a 86% success rate and they have many videos online showing details and people who are supposedly at various stages of Recovery! this clinic does not use chemotherapy & never have! but a lady on the HSTC website advised me Swissmedica is a con, I did not contact them again, but today they phoned me up I told them what I have been told and said all your videos could be actors, they have given me the phone number of somebody in England Who is apparently recovering after successful treatment at the clinic, of course I realise that when speaking to somebody on the phone they could be anybody and lying 100% any advice would be gratefully received.
    I am at the stage where I do not think I will be accepted by any of the recommended hospitals for treatment as I have had Ms since well I don’t know but I was diagnosed in 1999 I had been suffering for some time but the doctors reckoned I was making it up comma anyway as I think I will be turned down for hsct by the recommended hospitals I am desperate for any way to cope with living I have read of a injected and very expensive at (£700 Plus each jab) meditation and also the Swiss medica type stem cell treatment again any advice gratefully accepted


    • Hi Deborah, the AA Maximov Centre in Moscow, where treatment is headed by Dr Denis Fedorenko, most certainly DOES use chemotherapy and is one of the world’s leading centers providing HSCT for MS. Swissmedica, on the other hand, doesn’t. I am not a doctor, just a journalist who happens to have MS, but my views are clear: The most important part of HSCT is the chemotherapy as that suppresses the faulty immune system. The stem cells just speed the recovery process, a process that would happen anyway, just more slowly.


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