Zero tolerance for misuse of disability parking permits

A borough council has successfully prosecuted seven people on the same day in a crackdown on fraudulent misuse of Blue Badges that act as special car parking permits throughout Europe for people with disabilities.

Disabled_parking_placeThe incidents all took place between March 21 and 27 June 27 this year.

This latest prosecution comes as Bromley Borough Council, in London, UK, says it will continues its zero tolerance on misuse in order to protect the Blue Badge Scheme. As a Blue Badge holder, because I have multiple sclerosis, it is extremely pleasing to see the council is taking such positive action against those who misuse the scheme.

All those accused pleaded guilty and were ordered to pay fines, costs and victims surcharges adding up to £2350.

bluebadgefrontBromley council launched its Blue Badge misuse campaign last October last year, and is aiming to promote the correct use of the badge while fighting fraud and misuse. A Blue Badge should only be displayed if the badge holder is travelling in the vehicle as a driver or passenger, or to pick the badge holder up, or drop them off.

It is very important to remember that running an errand without the badge holder is considered misuse and is criminal offence which can lead to a £1,000 fine as well as confiscation of the badge.  So far, the council has successfully prosecuted 17 badge misusers since the start of the crackdown.

Bromley Council is planning to send a friendly reminder of the rules to all scheme users and its officers are happy to answer any questions badge holders may have.


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