All health records need to be protected

Not everyone is happy to tell the world about their health problems, especially if they cannot be seen. This is one of the reasons why people newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or some other invisible disease, sometimes choose not to reveal their illness.

And that is their right, their choice. While my disability is obvious, I’m resolute in my defence of anyone who is able to hide theirs. It is no-one else’s business.

health-recordsThat’s why I am disgusted by people hacking and then revealing the medical records of athletes. They may claim that such actions are in the public interest; that the public has a right to know.

No, it isn’t; no it’s not. We don’t need to know about any athlete’s personal medical records. What’s next? Our medical records too? Our health records need greater protection.

Another form of hacking was used by the now closed News of the World newspaper in the UK a few years ago. Then it was mobile/cellular phones that were the targets as the reporters worked illegally to gather private information.

Arrests, trials and even some jail sentences followed, not to mention some sizable compensation payments.

Hacking of private medical records is unconscionable and should be pursued by the full force of the law of any country where the hackers are found to be.


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