Random fact: I live with MS but refuse to suffer from it

I found this 30 day challenge online but thought that would take too long so decided to complete it in two parts. This is part one, the second will follow soon. It’s just a bit of fun.

Five random facts about yourself Let me see: 1. I started my first ever job after leaving school in 1970. I was a trainee reporter for a local newspaper in London. 2. I love politics. 3. I spent years working voluntarily in the Scout movement, rising from Assistant Scout Leader to District Commissioner. 4. I have two passions, my wife and writing. 5. I live with multiple sclerosis but refuse to ‘suffer’ from it.

Favourite quotes Don’t wait until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes (Anon). True that, because to everyone it is always today, we cannot live in tomorrow.

What makes you happy My wife’s love, that’s all I need.

Earliest childhood memory Even I find this difficult to believe but I can remember being wheeled in my pram and it being parked by a parade of shops. I was left outside in the pram while mum went into a shop. Life was different in 1953.

Favourite movies you never get tired of watching Not a movie buff, never have been and certainly not a person to watch the same film over and over again.

Your last random act of kindness Nothing special, but I let a person with just a handful of items go in front of me at the supermarket checkout. Does that count?

What is your dream job? Being a journalist, done that.

Biggest pet peeve Badly behaved children; no blame on them, though, it’s the parents who are at fault.

What’s on your bucket list?  Don’t have a list of things to do before I ‘kick the bucket’. But, having MS, I am determined to do all I can, while I can.

Rate the last movie you watched As I have already said, I am not a movie buff.

The last book you read All of Dan Brown’s novels including The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

What is your favourite recipe?  Just so many to eat, so little time.

What’s on your favourite playlist? Lady by Kenny Rogers, Goodbye Again by John Denver, The Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd, Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton, and These Are My Mountains by Daniel O’Donnell. Anyone spot a theme here?

Tips on travelling to a destination Only one: Travel safely, make sure you arrive.

What are your 10 must haves for a vacation? Wife, comfy bed, peace and quiet, good food, pleasant weather, fun, places to visit, medications, all our luggage (nothing lost by airline), and sea or ocean views.


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