Out and about by myself

By way of a change, I went out and about by myself yesterday morning. I went down our road, turned the corner and then quite some way down another road to see a couple with whom Lisa and I are friends.

The journey was well beyond my walking limit. I even have to sit down halfway from our door to the car in the drive and that is walking with the aid of a stick/cane. Any distance longer than that and Lisa has to  push me in my manual wheelchair. She doesn’t mind but it makes me feel so dependent

Yesterday, though, Lisa stayed at home and I went alone. It was exhilarating, it was fun.  No, I hadn’t made some sort of miraculous recovery.  wish I had but no, multiple sclerosis is still, regrettably, very much part of my life.

Yesterday’s freedom, and that was not the only example, was because I had just taken delivery of one of those fantastic all-singing, all-dancing lightweight folding electric wheelchairs. I had ordered one from Shaun Atkinson at Better Products for Disabled People it actually arrived on the promised day; amazing. My first impressions are that it is everything it is claimed to be – but I’ll be writing a full review once I have used it for a while.

06 blueI had already taken it out of our home, folded it up and somehow managed to place in in the back of the car. Today, it was taken it out of the car and unfolded it before I powered my way down to see our friends. Tremendous.

Then I reversed my journey and, having folded the chair, needed to sit down for a few minutes before having enough energy to lift it back into the car. But, in the end, I did just that.

Earlier, I used the wheelchair in our nearest town, when we went to see our doctor before enjoying breakfast in a local café bar.

As regular readers of this site know, I am travelling to Moscow this Sunday to undergo medical tests and assessment to determine whether or not I am likely to benefit from HSCT at a future date yet to be determined. My new chair is coming with me which will give me the independence I need in a foreign city.




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