Two days to Moscow

With only two days to go before leaving home and travelling to Russia, to go to the AA Maximov Centre, that is one of the world’s leading providers of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy (HSCT), you’ll no doubt forgive me for being a bit preoccupied at the moment.

Not that I am going there for the treatment, at least not yet. This time I’m just going for just four days, to undergo a series of tests as part of an assessment to see if I can have HSCT.

You might be wondering why that is necessary. Well, for most people it isn’t.

The Maximov centre in Moscow is one of the world's leading providers of HSCT.

The Maximov centre in Moscow is one of the world’s leading providers of HSCT.

However, in my case it is not so simple.

Unlike most people with MS, I have not had regular MRI scans two or three times a year; in fact, not even once a year. The truth is that apart from the scan that I had leading to my diagnosis 14 years ago, I have only had one more scan – and that was for a heart problem, not MS.

Interviewing Dr Denis Fedorenko a few months ago for Multiple Sclerosis News Today, our conversation touched on my health and my suitability to have the treatment that his centre offers. From what he heard, he said that he needed to carry out tests before a firm decision could be made.

I am firmly of the opinion that HSCT is the best treatment currently available for MS, so that is the reason that my emotions about this trip are a mixture of both hope and trepidation.


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8 thoughts on “Two days to Moscow

  1. Good luck Ian with your pretesting! I was the same way when I went to Mexico 7 months ago; petrified that I would fail as I had a previous heart attack, stents, high blood pressure, obesity and blood clots. Anyway, I passed with flying colours and continued on to have a very successful HSCT right after.

    Fingers are crossed and praying for you my fellow MSer, and keep posting so that I can follow your journey with you.

    Trudy Lawson Kelly


  2. Sincere good wishes to you Ian. I agree that HSCT is the best available treatment and this is after I have waited for 35years for a treatment that offers so much. I feel I am past gaining any benefit from HSCT and so I understand your mixed feelings of hope and trepidation. From what I have read of the treatment offered at the Maximov centre in Moscow if there is any chance however remote, they will do everything to make it available to you. Again, best wishes.


  3. I have my medical assessment on 28th November. I’m almost the same with the last MRI being 8 years ago.. If all goes well with you, will they then continue with the procedure? That’s what I’m hoping. From everyone I’ve spoken to, the appointment is always for a medical assessment until they have all the results to show you are medically fit and will benefit from HSCT. All the best!


  4. My wife has had m.s for 25 years wheel chair for 8 .She was told she was to old for HSCT by the neurologist (58) is that true .she went surgery for a gallbladder removal. Every test came back fine


    • Robert, I cannot give medical advice but I can say that I’ll be 64 next month. Does than answer your question. I will also sa that neurologists don’t know much about HSCT as they don’t control it.


  5. 59 here and diagnosed in 1997, been tossing round a trip to Russia myself and still undecided, hoping I wont ‘miss the boat’ – but I do wish you every success Ian, hope the testing goes well but even if you are denied treatment, you will know that you’ve done every single thing that you can – wishing you the very best of success with the tests, and will be thinking of you & waiting to see how you go, not long now! Good luck 🙂


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