Tackling wider medical subjects, not just MS

You may notice on this page that, besides running this website, I now write for Medical News Today. This is instead of Multiple Sclerosis News Today (MSNT).

And while the two titles appear similar, there is no connection. Indeed, they are published by two separate companies.

I spent 10 months recruiting and building a team of patient columnists for MSNT and its sister titles, as well as managing and editing their content. Now, I am now concentrating on writing quality specialist articles for a market leading medical publication.

Medical News Today

medical news todayAs a features writer for Medical News Today (MNT), I am producing authoritative articles, about a variety of illnesses, for the digital publication’s much-respected Knowledge Center.

Founded in 2003, MNT has established itself as a market leader for medical news. It provides concise and accurate information that stands out in the ocean of content that is health on the internet.

Content is targeted to an educated audience of both healthcare professionals and patients. The editorial team provides news from evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies, along with accurate, unbiased and informative content from governmental organisations (e.g. FDA, CDC, NIH, NHS), medical societies, royal colleges, professional associations, patients’ groups, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, among others.

All areas of health and medicine

Medical News Today produces original, timely and authoritative information from respected and credible sources. The editorial team has a strict code of practice and covers all areas of health and medicine, including rare diseases and conditions. It strives to achieve coverage across all areas of human health, and its main content areas include:

  • News content produced and curated daily by its in-house editorial team. It publishes more than 60 articles per day.
  • Reference material covering issues that you find important – produced in-house and licensed.
  • Features and in-depth investigative reporting on health and lifestyle.
  • Opinions forums – allowing you to connect with other users.

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Affiliate disclaimer: This affiliate disclosure details the affiliate relationships of MS, Health & Disability at 50shadesofsun.com with other companies and products. Read more.

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50shadesofsun.com is the personal website of Ian Franks, a Features Writer with Medical News Today. He enjoyed a successful career as a journalist, from reporter to editor in the print media. He gained a Journalist of the Year award in his native UK. Ian received a diagnosis of MS in 2002 and now lives in the south of Spain. He uses a wheelchair and advocates on mobility and accessibility issues.


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