Coimbra’s high dose vitamin D treatment for MS and other autoimmune diseases works, say patients

I have written before about vitamin D and autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. What’s more, I take a daily supplement of 5,000 IU (international units) of vitamin D3. That started when I was found to be deficient in the vitamin last October.

D3 is the main element, one of many, in an MS treatment protocol developed by Dr Cicero Coimbra, a neurologist in Brazil. As yet, as far as I am aware, the Coimbra Protocol has not been the subject of any clinical trials and so is not approved by any regulatory authority. Its claimed success rate is, though, impressive. And patients are keen to sing its praises.

This is the story of one such patient, as told by her mother Karen Bell:

My daughter has MS, diagnosed a year ago when she was 20 years old. She heard she most likely has progressive MS as MR scan showed she already has a permanent black hole in her brain.

Because my husband also has MS, I was very familiar with the disease and the probability of disability. That’s why I went into total research mode.


Dr Cicero Coimbra.

I kept finding stuff about vitamin D helping MS (even more than the drugs), and read tons of studies. I read about Wahls and other things. But, what made the most sense to me, from all my research, was the Coimbra Protocol.

Dr Cicero Coimbra, a neurologist and researcher in Brazil, developed his protocol using high doses of vitamin D. He has personally treated thousands of patients and is now training doctors around the world, for free.

Coimbra success rate 95%, anecdotal reports

Of the people on the protocol, 95% go into total remission and many of them recover from their disabilities, some totally. Most of the remaining 5% either didn’t follow directions or had tremendous stress in their lives. This is known to cause immune system problems.

The protocol sounded amazing and almost too good to true. Why didn’t my daughter’s neurologist know about it? I took vitamin D studies into the appointment to discuss her treatment, but he said ‘you can find studies about anything and many of them are flawed’. He didn’t even want to hear much about the protocol because it hadn’t been studied and the doctor was from Brazil. Such a closed mind!!!

He wanted to put her on Plegridy. While waiting for the insurance stuff to go through, I did more research, even had a person who speaks Portuguese look through the Facebook group I found full of patients of the protocol, and look at the YouTube videos, to try to see if this was for real. That person came back saying if they had MS, they would do it.

We became convinced that the protocol was what we wanted to do and found a doctor in the United States. We were so afraid a relapse would disable our daughter. She had already had four of them in five months, so we decided to start the Plegridy.  The plan was she would stay on it until she could start the protocol. Well, the first shot caused an allergic reaction so we said no to any drugs and decided to wait for the appointment to see the Coimbra Protocol doctor.

Vitamins, no drugs, no relapses

Long story short, my daughter started the protocol and has never had another relapse and is stronger and feels great. She is living a normal life and only has to take vitamins, no shots or other meds with side effects! As a mother, I am now confident my daughter will have a normal and wonderful life.

It is important to know that Dr Coimbra says the protocol stops MS; it is not a cure.

I am sure vitamin D has a key role to play. This is in both helping to prevent and treat MS. Coimbra’s work is as yet untested in clinical trials, but many people say it does work. So, clinical trials need to start soon.

The main problem would seem likely to be the availability of funding for such trials. After all, Big Pharma finances most trials on the way to developing new drug therapies. Unfortunately, I cannot see any of them paying for research into a protocol that doesn’t use their drugs.

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2 thoughts on “Coimbra’s high dose vitamin D treatment for MS and other autoimmune diseases works, say patients

  1. I am another patient who “sings the praise of Dr. Coimbra”: After ten relatively mild years of ppms my illness turned aggressive and started to leave more and more permanent disability since 2012. My neurologist even talked of progressive MS mixed with flaires and wanted to start me on escalation therapy such as Gilenya or Lemtrada maybe even chemotherapy to stop the progression. I denied any DMX out of fear for the horrible sideeffects.
    I was weak and disabled when I started treatment with the coimbra protocol in March 2016. My doctor had agreed to contact Dr. Coimbra as by then the treatment was not available in my country Germany. He got all necessary information for free (he even went to Sao Paulo later where Dr. Coimbra offers to train doctors for free!). After a few weeks my massive fatigue began to lift, depression became lighter, sleep was improving. From one month to the next my symptoms became better and one after the other began to vanish after the sixth month of treatment. After eight months I had an MRI. It showed no new lesions for the first time in years and the old ones shrinking! Today I am in the 17th month of treatment and still improving!
    Most patients try to help spread the word for others to be helped and get access to treatment. I did so, too, started a Facebook group, designed a homepage, talked to people. After just seven months of being “a Coimbra activist” we have six trained doctors in Germany and about 300 people have started treatment, the first ones reaching remission by now. My homepage is
    There are numerous very fine activists in the US as well who work for free to help spread the word. One has created a homepage that can be found at


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