Sensitivity to heat not affected by summer sunshine


As summer continues with temperatures in the 30°s C (high 80°s), the hottest days now seem to be behind us here in the south of Spain. The temperatures peaked at over 100°, so the high 80°s is quite pleasant.

What’s more, the good news is that the hot weather has not caused me any heat sensitivity problems at all. But then, that’s exactly what I expected. And that is because my heat sensitivity is triggered by changes in temperature not consistent heat.

Some people were concerned about heat exhaustion when the learned that Lisa ad I announced we were moving to Spain, two years ago. But after a series of sudden temperature changes experienced in the UK, this is a walk in the park.

Heat in your marriage

Talking of my beloved Lisa, she never ceases to amaze me with her selfless dedication to my wellbeing.

I have heard from so many people with MS who have split up ad divorced when their partners decide that a life as a caregiver isn’t for them. It is so sad.

Lisa has known that I have MS right from the start of our relationship, I never tried to hide it. She agreed to marry me knowing what was in store for us both. Furthermore, her granddad had MS too, so she knew more than most husbands and wives when their spouses are diagnosed as having MS.

Perhaps that is not incredible, perhaps it should be expected but there are many who have found that not to be the case. The “till death do us part” of the marriage vows appears to have been lost on their partners.

Do you have the loving support of your spouse or have you split up? And just how does heat sensitivity affect you, or doesn’t it? Please let me know.

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5 thoughts on “Sensitivity to heat not affected by summer sunshine

  1. I live in the dry American southwest. We receive seasonal summer rain coming up from Mexico in the form of intense “monsoons” from late June thru Sept. These dramatically increase the humidity, which is the culprit! Going from 5% to 75% humidity causes me trouble with fatigue and spasticity.


    • Hi Jill, yes, I agree. High humidity certainly makes the heat more intense. Uncomfortable. Here in Spain, humidity comes up from the Sahara desert in Africa.


  2. I have MS related heat intolerance which isn’t condusive to leading a carefree life when you live in AUStralia. 😉 I Struggle with humidity at any temperature but struggle with temperatures as soon as it is warmer than 21*C. The humidity just makes my legs feel like they weigh 500kg each and the heat makes my feet swell badly – it’s all so glamorous! 😉
    The warmer months are becoming more and more humid here in ADelaide with every passing year. Those “Cooling vests” do not help and nothing but locking myself in a room with icy air conditioning works at all. Very costly unfortunately.


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