Department helpline worker lambasts mismanaged disability benefits system

Once again, we have a story of government mishandling of disability benefits and allegations of the existence of targets. Targets that don’t officially exist, as if we believe that.


Photo: The Independent.

A Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) insider has described to the Disability News Service (DNS) that a “mismanaged” and under-funded social security system is leaving many disability benefit claimants penniless and helpless. And those claimants include people with MS and other disabilities.

George (name changed to protect his anonymity) works on DWP’s employment and support allowance (ESA) helpline. He told DNS that the experience has left him shocked and frustrated at the deeply flawed system.

Also, he says he believes – although he does not have direct evidence of this – that DWP decision-makers do have targets for the proportion of claimants that they need to find “fit for work”, and so ineligible for ESA.

DWP decision-maker ‘hates job’

Additionally, George claimed that a colleague in another part of DWP, who actually works with a decision-maker, told him that the decision-maker hates his job. This is because he must “disallow people” and was “struggling to hit his disallowance targets”.

DNS has been unable to verify this claim, but disabled activists have been warning for years that they believe DWP decision-makers, and the healthcare professionals who work for the government contractor Maximus, are set targets for the proportion of claimants they must find fit for work.

DWP has continued to deny imposing any such targets and no-one has been able to provide strong evidence that they exist. Even George says he believes such targets do exist, although he cannot prove it.

“I think decision-makers are trying to meet targets,” he told DNS.

No disparaging story about the DWP’s management, or mismanagement, will ever surprise me. I hope you feel the same way.

Read Disability News Service’s full report here.

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One thought on “Department helpline worker lambasts mismanaged disability benefits system

  1. Its unbelievable this lot think there god a lot of people are suffering under this government about time we got rid of them give there selves a pay rise while everybody suffers below the bread ? line


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