Early treatment does delay MS disease progression, new study confirms

Early treatment with disease modifying therapies (DMTs) is most effective in preventing progression of multiple sclerosis, according to a large-scale Danish study.

early treatmentThe study “Early versus Later Treatment Start in Multiple Sclerosis – A Register Based Cohort Study” is to be presented at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). This is to be held in Los Angeles from this Saturday, April 21, until Friday April 27.

Effects: Early treatment versus later start

The study’s research team compared long-term effects of early treatment with DMTs, against a later treatment start, in a real-world setting.

How the study was conducted is explained here.  

Data shows:

  • Patients who began treatment later had a 28% increased probability of faster disease progression. They took less time to reach EDSS 6 than those who started treatment early. This was found more pronounced in women treated later. They had a 39% increased probability of reaching EDSS 6, while men were only 9%.
  • Treatment timing, early or later, was not found to significantly change the mortality rates in patients included in the study.

Early treatment recommended

Researchers say their results “support the scheme of early treatment.”

early treatmentOn its website, the MS Society says: “Evidence now tells us that, rather than waiting to see whether more relapses occur, disease modifying therapies should be offered as close as possible to diagnosis. 

“We now know that early treatment improves long-term health and wellbeing by slowing down the build-up of irreversible damage and reducing the number of relapses people experience. Starting treatment early is best but if you start later it can also have some benefits.”

The study was supported by Sclerose Foreningen, the Danish MS association, among others.

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