On your marks for World MS Day 2018

World MS Day is only one month away!

World MS

MSIF logo.

World MS Day is almost with us, in fact the countdown has begun to May 30. World MSOrganiser, the MS International Federation (MSIF) says the #bringinguscloser campaign is now in full swing.

In a statement about the day, MSIF said:

Progressive MS Alliance

Over the years, the global MS community has celebrated huge progress in research and treatment for relapsing MS. For progressive MS, however, results have been more limited.

Since 2012, MS organisations around the world have been fighting to change this. How? By joining together to form the first global collaboration on progressive MS: the International Progressive MS Alliance.

Discover more about progressive MS and how the Alliance is bringing us closer to ending it.

Find an event or add your own to the map!

Organisations across the globe are busy preparing for World MS Day.

On the map, you’ll find some new exciting additions: MS Ireland is holding a networking event for researchers. In Uruguay, a stand-up comedy show will bring together people affected by MS and doctors, nurses, psychologists, scientists and many more.

There’s still time to organise your own event! Search the map for events taking place near you and get inspired.

Celebrating progress in MS research

MS research is bringing us closer to ending MS. In order to maintain this momentum, it’s crucial to promote and reward innovation and achievement in MS research.

Discover how organisations across the global MS movement are supporting and rewarding people who are dedicated to advancing MS research, including ambitious students and young researchers.

Frances Evans, UK

World MS.

Frances Evans.

‘MS is different for everyone. I know I won’t experience all of the symptoms in my lifetime, but I do know what it’s like to live with some of the life-changing challenges that come with it.’

As a teenager, Frances had already chosen to become a research scientist. Then, at 19, she was diagnosed with MS. Despite feeling scared, Frances used her experience as motivation to focus her career on MS research.

Discover more about Frances’s journey.

Yaou Liu, China

World MS.

Yaou Liu.

As a medical student, Yaou felt inspired after meeting young people living with MS. ‘We were peers, brilliant with beautiful dreams’, he remembers. ‘Yet they lived with MS, which set huge barriers for them.’

‘This inspired me to get involved in MS research.’

With support from MSIF’s Du Pre grant and McDonald Fellowship, Yaou has forged a successful career in MS research and is bringing us closer to ending MS.

Milestones in MS research

Over the past 150 years, so much has changed in MS research.

Yet, MS researchers today still use the definition of MS that was first introduced by French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot in 1868.

This is just one of many milestones in MS research – visit the World MS Day website to discover more!


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