Banned, but why? Facebook gives no reason

I am prompted to write that, despite an absence of new posts, I am as well as I can be. I have no health problems beyond multiple sclerosis.

Messages have reached me, asking if everything is ok, such as this one:

Hi, it’s (name removed for privacy). Facebook has not had any of your current writings, so I want you to know you are in my prayers.

The absence of my posts was not caused by any personal reasons but was enforced by Facebook itself. I use it to send my posts to groups of which I am a member but, three times in as many weeks, I have been interrupted by a message saying: “You are restricted from joining and posting to groups that you do not manage until (date and time).

No reason is ever given and the powers that be won’t discuss it with you. You can click on ‘Appeal’ but experience tells me not to bother. Why? Because, if you do, no reply is ever received and the restriction, effectively a ban, is just made longer. The fact is simple, Facebook has the ability to do what it likes and we, its users, have no rights to protest or even ask questions. [I feel another ‘restriction’ will be coming for expressing this truth].

Back until banned again

I explained the situation to everyone who contacted me and this was one response I received via Messenger:

That’s awful. I’m technology challenged, but I knew something was wrong. Thanks for letting me know.

I wish you could sue Facebook for discrimination.

God bless you and your family. Stay strong. Thank you for all your hard work.

Right now, I am back and will continue to bring you news and views – until Facebook decides to ban me again.

Whether you have MS or another health problem, if you have a disability, is here for you. And, there is no greater support you can give than to share my posts far and wide via every social media.

You can also join a Facebook page that I do manage (and so are exempt from any ban), such as 50shadesofsun or Living with multiple sclerosis.

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2 thoughts on “Banned, but why? Facebook gives no reason

  1. Oh my goodness……..
    Leaves you with confusion I am sure.
    Much like myself who was suddenly expelled from many of the HSCT pages I once lovingly contributed to with any help I could provide to those seeking information. Suddenly and without explanation I was removed. So join the club of outcasts my friend!


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