Heatwave and MS, is 34C (93F) too much to handle?

It seems that the media generally has become somewhat fixated on the heatwave being experienced in various countries worldwide.

As a native Brit, I am well used to everyday conversations including the topic of the weather. It’s a staple of chat, an icebreaker.

heatwaveAnd, in the UK I left behind, people will be complaining about the heat. “It’s too much,” will be an oft-heard comment. I am sure this is equally true of other countries where people are not used to high temperatures.

The latest news from the UK is that the heatwave is forecast to continue with a high of 34C (93F) expected.

But is 34C that hot? Is it unbearable? While I feel for those who have MS and experience heat sensitivity*, the truth is that places like the UK are just not prepared. They are not ready for winter snow, summer sun, or floods caused by heavy rain.

Be prepared for higher temperatures

Lisa and I moved to Andalucía in southern Spain almost three years ago. For us, 34C is not excessive but a common summertime temperature. Here, we are ready for it. And, in August, we fully expect many days when the thermometer will register highs in the 40sC (100sF).

heatwaveTo us, living in the countryside but just 15 minutes from the Mediterranean, these are just regular summer temperatures NOT a heatwave.

How do we cope? Spain is prepared. Our home has air conditioning. Additionally, we have ceiling fans in the living room, our bedroom and our spare bedroom. Our car has AC too. Although that is not unusual in the UK, as a luxury, here we use it for every trip in the hot weather.

It’s important we are all ready for the temperatures in which we live, so we can enjoy them.

Are summer highs in the 40s, that’s more than 100F, “too much”? Not for me. Even with MS, I enjoy day after day of sunshine. It’s so different from the cloudy skies and rain so typical of usual summer weather in the UK.

*Webmd says that heat or high humidity can make many people with multiple sclerosis experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms. Doctors believe that this occurs because heat causes nerves (whose myelin covering has been destroyed from MS) to conduct electrical signals even less efficiently.

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