Paul’s Moscow HSCT for MS journey begins

I had planned to take a break from writing this month, August being a slow news month that is well known among journalists as the silly season. That’s when minor stories are given major coverage, because of a shortage of stories of real substance.

Paul Morrison and his wife Claire.

However, I could not let Monday August 6 go unmarked.

Why? Because, after months of fundraising, it is the day when Paul Morrison flies to Moscow to undergo HSCT in his fight against MS. He goes with my best wishes for a great trip ad a successful outcome.

I first wrote about Paul’s story here, and since then, he told me last week, the income from his fundraising efforts had reached $45,000.

I plan to catch up with former Londoner Paul after his return to Spain, where he lives just a few miles from me. Watch this space for HSCT news from Moscow and future updates.

# # #

Unless anything happens that I feel must be highlighted, I’ll be back in September.

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