50shadesofsun.com is back


This is just a brief note to say that 50shadesofsun.com is up and running again.

I know there has been a lack of posts for a few months, but the site is back in business.

Regular readers will know that I live with multiple sclerosis, an unpleasant, unwanted, degenerative disease. It is oppressive and daunting but I am still the same person, positive and mainly cheerful athough there are times of frustration. But everyone gets frustrated sometimes, right?

The good news is that MS had nothing to do with this site’s short break, read more here.

The site has a new look, is easier to read, and has changed its host to WordPress, so costs have been reduced – which is essential. After all, 50shadesofsun.com is not designed to be a money-earner.

It is an independent site which is totally free of any commercial influences. And it will continue to be just that. I promise.

Freedom of the press, of which digital media is a part, is very dear to me. As such, I will continue to voice my opinions, whether to praise or criticise, to encourage or warn, Whatever they are, my opinions will be honestly held and be fair comment.

Watch this space!

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