Warning: Don’t be fooled by nonsense blackmail online con

Just a couple of days ago, a spurious email arrived in my inbox. Its writer attempted to extort money for information he, or she, has about my supposed infidelity. In return for a payment of $950 worth of bitcoin, the would-be blackmailer offered to keep quiet.

The “information” was said to have been gathered through my smart phone.

Where the blackmail falls down, however, is that there can be no evidence of something that hasn’t happened. I am, and always have been, completely faithful to Lisa.

Not only would I not want to cheat on my beloved wife, but also, because of MS, I use a wheelchair into which I need Lisa’s help to transfer.

So, if you receive this email – even if you have reason to feel a little guilty – my advice is not to give in. As far as I am concerned, it is a con. A con, pure and simple.

To read the full text of the con email, as it arrived complete with typing errors, see below:

Well, your wife does know what I know? See… I don`t judge a man messing with another woman but maybe your familly, relatives, friends, coworkers and so on will judge you, if they find out.

Now, maybe you ask yourself this. Who I am and how I know this correct? I can`t tell you my name(obviously), I don`t even know you, but what I can say is how I find out about your secret and the answer is smartphones!

Those gadgets are not really that smart, you have installed some time ago something that pretend to have a purpose and in the background without you knowing was tracking your activity. This thing has some dodgy code also is collecting everything including recording calls, sms, all activity and then is sending the collected data to one of my compromised servers located somewhere on an island.

Everyday I manually analyze data collected from hundred of people around the world and I`m looking for some that can worth it like this case for example.

The deal is next. You have to do a donation of 950 bucks worth in Bit Coln value. Otherwise, well… your secret will not be a secret anymore. I created a special archive with some materials for your wife that will be delivered if I don`t get my donation. It took me some time to accumulate enough information.

The amount is almost: 0.1 BTC.

My address part1: 169JB5W5

My address part2: He8YvYLhwGnBdBSSUQrw4XSjJj

Very important! My address(which is case sensitive) was separated in two parts, you have to copy and paste the part1 + part2 and then the final result after the parts are put toghether is actually my final address where you can send the coins.

So, my guess is that you never used Bit Coln. In order to get them use Google and search for Pax ful. I know that you have that money because I verified report, it cost me a few dollars(with a stolen credlt card) to buy the information from some dodgy big databases of information. All that we do on social media, browser, pretty much any online activity is stored by those companies and then the info is sold to guys like me. It`s just how things are working on terra planet, privacy is gone!

After the donation was sent, your secret will stay safe and you will never hear from me again. As I said I don`t judge you, monogamy is pure BS. Some of those women after 30, they start to look like spoiled milk, complain all day, making your life difficult. A woman should bring only pleasure(if you know what I mean) in your life, so if you see somebody else outside your marriage and everything is working ok at home… keep going. Also did you know that almost all the successfull mariages are based on cheating?

The time limit is 2 days (48 hours) from this moment that you read this message!

BTW to uninstall my code from your device check on how to reset to factory settings. Search for your model and proced with the instructions. Also stop installing all stuffs and be careful what you browse online.

This message was set to be sent multiple times. If you already sent my donation and you keep receiving those messages, just ignore them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
50shadesofsun.com is the personal website of Ian Franks. He enjoyed a successful career as a journalist, from reporter to editor in the print media. He gained a Journalist of the Year award in his native UK. More recently, he was a freelance medical writer and editor for various health information sites. Ian received a diagnosis of MS in 2002 and now lives in the south of Spain. He uses a wheelchair and advocates on mobility and accessibility issues.


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