Man’s inhumanity to man is cause for anger

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Writing is something that I love. It has been and still is an important part of my life. Through a long career in professional mainstream journalism through to my current activities as an unpaid independent journalist,

I even find that writing, has a personal benefit, as it is therapeutic and helps my fight the demons that come with diseases such as multiple sclerosis as well as debilitating disabilities.

Having said that, this post is one of the most difficult I have ever written. Not because of its contents are horrific, although they are, and not because my opinion is likely to provoke a heated response from some quarters. I can deal with both of those.

blmThe reason I am shaking as I write this is because of my anger. Yes, you read that right, my anger at man’s inhumanity to man.

So, today, I am venturing forth from my ‘safer’ subjects related to health and disability to talk about an issue that affects us all, irrespective of whether or not we have a disease, a disability, or are in tip-top health.

And the area I am tackling today can be said by some to be political, but should not be party Political. In reality, the issue is about people and the burning question about who lives matter.

No animals as bad as man

Let me, as a liberal, make my position clear:

  • The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others at the hands of police officers is inexcusable:
  • Likewise, the injury of people such as Jacob Blake , in similar circumstances, is just as wrong, blatantly wrong;
  • But, just as disgusting is the ‘ambush’ and subsequent hospitalisation of two Los Angeles deputies as they sat in their patrol car.

US president Donald Trump called people such as the shooter ‘Animals’, I disagree, animals don’t act like that. Only humans prey on one another Animals kill for food, not just because they feel like it. Tragic, though it may be, the worst animal in the world is man.


F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Company after company, and organisation after organisation, are falling over themselves in order to embrace a politically correct stance of being against racism and for diversity. I am all for that but wonder if they are just doing so to protect their name and because it is the thing to do.

Motor racing Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton is a high-profile supporter of BLM but stirred up controversy when he wore a supposedly political t-shirt to accept the winner’s trophy at he Tuscan Grand Prix.

Bringing politics into sport

Some have denounced him for bringing politics into sport but this is an issue of life, not party Politics. As such, I will not join that band of critics. In fact, I recall back in 1969-1970 there was a nationwide campaign to prevent the 1970 tour of the UK by the all-white cricket team from South Africa, which was then the home of apartheid.

stop 70 tour

Stop the 70 Tour campaign poster.

I am proud to say that, aged 17 and still at school, I not only took part in that successful campaign but was chairman of my local branch of the Stop-the ’70 Tour committee. If that was not bringing politics into sport, I really do not know what is.

As far as the Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter protests are concerned, they are all correct. But what I understand about BLM is that it says racist attitudes mean that black lives have not, and are not, treated equally white ones.

If only they had made that point more forcefully by adding just just three more letters. BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO would be a slogan with which I am sure most people would agree.

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Please note that being born in the UK, all my posts, are written using British English spelling.

For example:

Centre      not center (except in names, Centers of Disease Control)    Colour                               not color                                                                                     Diarrhoea                       not diarrhea                                                      Haematology                not hematology                                                                          Haematopoietic          not hematopoietic

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Note: Health-related information available on 50shadesofsun website is for your general knowledge only. It is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Ian is not a doctor, so cannot and does not give you medical advice. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues. Also, consult a doctor before starting a new diet or exercise programme. Any opinions expressed are purely his own unless otherwise stated.


2 thoughts on “Man’s inhumanity to man is cause for anger

  1. Ian Franks I must say that I agree with everything that you mentioned in your article. The #1 issue that bothers me with the BLM movement is that the whole movement is being paid for by an elite billionaire & criminal by the name [Name deleted for legal reasons]! With that said I think all people should realize who our real enemies truly are and quit fighting each other but save their energy for the true enemies of the people.


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