Healthcare benefits under attack again

Cold-hearted policies and actions of government toward its own people is no surprise to my regular readers. And neither will there be any shock at my continued opposition to such disgusting activities. Unfortunately, this is not limited to one country. The current Conservative-led government in the UK has a despicable record in relation to vulnerable … Continue reading Healthcare benefits under attack again


MS Patients in US and UK Face Very Different Treatment

We may have international cooperation and worldwide this and that, but the fact remains that countries vary drastically from one another in all sorts of ways. Take healthcare as an example, and the costs of treatment. Yes, we have the World Health Organization and there are various health-related initiatives from the United Nations, but that is … Continue reading MS Patients in US and UK Face Very Different Treatment

Disabilities among party’s top priorities

Never missing a chance to secure more votes, the Republican Party is clearly seeking the support of people with disabilities by including a raft of pro-disability policies among its top priorities. Theoretically, that should be good for everyone with a disability, such as anyone like me who has multiple sclerosis, but what politicians promise before … Continue reading Disabilities among party’s top priorities