Inside looking out

Please note: The current Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is fast moving, and reactions to it seem to update not just day-by-day but minute-by-minute. Obviously, this site was not designed to bring you the very latest developments in a ‘breaking news’ story such as this. Instead, this site will continue to include news and opinions relating to … Continue reading Inside looking out


Our trip to hell – part 4 – From cruise ship to hospital

Part 4 of 'Our trip to hell'. I am not blaming either the ship or its owner, Carnival, but fact is that, while healthy at the start of our week cruising to and from the Mexican Riviera, and by the end I was taken to hospital - too ill to fly home. By ‘healthy’, I mean besides multiple sclerosis that I live with all the time. This time I was tired, weak, off my food, and had a serious cough and a bad case of diarrhoea (British spelling).

Our trip to hell – part 3 – cruising the Mexican riviera

Some people are devoted to cruise holidays while to others they are a complete anathema – certainly not their dream vacation. Lisa and I love to sail away and had several wonderful experiences. We went to Norway with Princess, the western Mediterranean with MSC, Hawaii with Norwegian, and we crossed the Atlantic with Royal Caribbean. … Continue reading Our trip to hell – part 3 – cruising the Mexican riviera