Day of celebration for Halloween and anniversary


Day 6, November 1st.

Awoke this morning to find Anthem of the Seas has left low pressure, high pressure and hurricane force winds behind and moved into calmer seas and, wow, we saw the sun.

Just after lunch, ship’s time, we were really close to where the Titanic sank. It was strange to think of the horrors of 103 years ago while we sailed by in the sunshine. I never realised that the Titanic was only about 450 miles from its destination when it; struck the iceberg.

Ok, back to yesterday. It being Halloween, plenty of the passengers were in party mood last night and there were costumes absolutely everywhere.

For Lisa and I, the day was special as it was our wedding anniversary.

Strange to think that it was four years ago that we married on Fort Myers beach in south west Florida. It all took place at sunset (a glorious sunset as it turned out), in company with family and friends, while dolphins played just off the coast.

By ‘strange’, the ceremony could have been yesterday but it could also have taken place years ago. We love each other deeply, are more than comfortable together and are looking forward to very many happy years ahead.

Our celebration started early with a special breakfast served in our stateroom as part of a romance package bought when we booked. It was good but not great as not everything was provided as promised, so this was pointed out to Guest Services on deck 4. The result? We had the whole package given to us again. This started with another breakfast today. This time, it was perfect.

There should have been a performance of a play called The Gift last night but because of the sea conditions it had to be rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. No complaints from us; safety has to come first. Good news, though, was that we were able to have our evening meal earlier than originally booked. So, we dressed up in style and header to Anthem’s quality free restaurant called The Grande.

Yesterday, this blog talked about the grandeur of the golden age of cruising with its ornate staircases, dining rooms and décor. Well, The Grande may only be on one deck, so no ornate staircase nor high ceilings with impressive lights, but it is Anthem’s attempt to keep alive part of the tradition of yesteryear.

Its menu is impressively exclusive, its food is superb, the service is perfect and guests are requested to dress formally – definitely how it used to be done. The décor of the restaurant is designed to portray it as a quality establishment, which is exactly what it really is.

My meal was escargots followed by roast tenderloin of beef while Lisa chose lobster bisque with pasta pescatore as her main course. We both chose one of our favourites, key lime tarte, for dessert. The whole meal was a culinary delight and we are both looking forward to enjoying the final evening meal of our cruise in The Grande, on Tuesday evening.



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