Washing machine, doctor, car and cats

pooka prissy

Right on time, just before 6pm, the doorbell rang. It was the man delivering and installing our new washing machine that we bought only the previous night.

I told him exactly where it needed to be installed and left him to carry out his work. He made a couple of trips back to his van but he worked quickly and it was not long before I could hear water both entering then draining from the machine as the installer tested it. He arrived at the door and handed over the various booklets, saying the user manual was only in Spanish and Portuguese, not English. However, he explained the operating procedures to Lisa.

We were advised that it would be a complete waste of money to purchase a tumble drier because clothes that have been washed and spun soon dry in the sun. We took that advice and did not buy a tumble drier and so earlier yesterday we bought a folding clothes airer. Other advice came from a neighbour who warned us that we are living in a hard water area that leads to lime scale build up, so it is back to the shops tomorrow for some water softening/limes scale reducing tablets.

I remember writing previously about Lisa’s bad leg and today, at last, it was seen by a doctor at the local health centre. He immediately sent her to see a nurse to have it redressed. Tomorrow she has to go there at 11am when, we hope, she will be given an antibiotic as well as having it dressed again.

The health service here is one of the best in the world and always seems keen to treat any problems straight away. It certainly steps, if not giant strides, ahead of the UK’s NHS.

Our new car is a joy to drive, with plenty of space inside. It is surprising just how quickly and easily I have adapted to driving left hand drive cars on the right hand side of the road. I find that I am just as relaxed driving in that way as I used to be when driving on the left in the UK. And that is something I had been doing for 45 years. The next item we need to buy for the car is a folding ramp to enable my electric power wheelchair to be loaded and unloaded easily. That will mean Lisa can relax a little and my independence will be enhanced.

Our cat flap is now in full use, particularly by Prissy. She absolutely loves going in and out of the house and it is great to see her stretching and rolling in the sun before leaving our garden to explore her new domain.

The purely rural surroundings are a pure delight for both cats. There is much beauty here. At night from the window of our spare bedroom, the area takes on a magical, almost ‘fairy grotto’ appearance; it is so very pretty.

Sorry that today’s post has been jumping about, from topic to topic, but sometimes that simply cannot be avoided.




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