DWP is not ‘solely’ to blame – just partially

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You know that I am a great one for words and hidden meanings. I saw through the meaningless words of UK work and pensions secretary Stephen Crabb that the government had no plans to make further disability benefits cuts.

I warned readers of this blog that having no plans did not mean no cuts.

And I was proved right when Crabb told the House of Commons’ Work and Pensions Select Committee that the government would be bringing out further benefit cut plans in a Green Paper later this year.

But, I am figuratively kicking myself for being semi-comatose when a Department of Works and Pensions spokesman made a statement in response to media interest in the 49 peer reviews, or internal inquiries, into deaths of people linked to benefit claims.

That spokesman said: “Any suicide is a tragedy and the reasons for them are complex, however it would be inaccurate and misleading to link it solely to a person’s benefit claim.”

Solely, that is it. Solely.

That one word is an admission that the deaths can be linked, albeit only partially, to their benefit claims.

I wonder if the spokesman has shot the ministry in the foot.


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